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Clothing and Cold Weather Gear

How To


Steve's Original "Stuff"

Steve's Original "Stuff"  Learn from a certified idiot.

     Bowline Quick N Easy Knot A new and easy way to tie this universal knot.

    Buying Stuff

    Rescues - Sling Assists

    Rigging Your Boat

    South Carolina Paddling Hazards

    Staking the Tent: Don't Get Blown Away

Clothing and Cold Weather Gear

    Buying Technical outerwear

    Paddling Clothing

    Layering for Paddling

    Clothing for Cold Weather Paddling

On Line Articles

  Anatomy of a River - BIG Water

  Anatomy of a River - Headwaters

  Anatomy of a River - Whitewater

    Reading The River - Eddies Are Everywhere!

  Binoculars for Boating Part 1

    Binoculars for Boating Part 2

    Boat Theft—Prevention & Recovery

  Canoeing: Coping with Wind

    Classic T-Rescue with Variations

   Maps and Dreams—Trip-Planning

   Impedimenta—Boats and Gear

   Different Strokes—Technique and Safety

   Getting Around—the Art of Backcountry Travel

   Alimentary, My Dear—Food and Cooking

   Waterway Rambling—Paddling Back to the Future

   Paddling through Time—the Canoe and Kayak in History

   It's Only Natural! Making Your Own Voyages of Discovery

   Air, Earth, and Water—Natural History for Paddlers

   Voices from the Wild—the Silent Majority Speaks Out

   Beyond the Beauty Strip—Backcountry Ethics

   Wheel of the Year—Reflections on Spirit and Season

    Mariner Kayak Articles

    Mnemonics for Sailors

    River Signals

    Sea Kayak Magazine Articles On Line

    Thinking Like a River

    Using the River's Currents

    Weathering the Storm

    Whispering Death 

How To

    Canoe and Kayak Camping


   REI Learn and Share Library


   Stories, Folklore, and Fairy Tales

   Audience Participation Camp Fire Stories

   REI Learn and Share Library


    Taking the Lead