Stumphole Landing

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Canoe/Sea Kayak  Trip

Stumphole Landing is near Santee State park, and the trip takes us from Stumphole landing onto Lake Marion and into the submerged forest in the center of the lake, similar to Sparkelberry, but more open. The first ten minutes of the trip are across open water, and can be a strain for canoers if there is a heavy wind, but it is quickly passed. Once into the swampland, there is little current or wave action. Pretty much a beginner skill  level.

We have seen many Anhinga, Great Cormorant, Osprey, Great Blue Heron, Pileated Woodpeckers, and a Bald Eagle or two (couldn't be sure if there was one bird seen twice, or two separate birds) Alligators can be found when the water temperature is up. One of the best part of the Stumphole trip if that it is open-ended in that the trip can be as long or as short as each person wants it to be. The trip starts and ends at the same place so no shuttle is required. In the early spring, the birds should be nesting and the blooms will be opening, so this can be a very pretty trip.

The put in is at a public boat launch ramp with a large paved parking area. No rest room facilities are on site. To get there, take Bluff road about 20 miles East from the I-77 and Bluff road intersection in Columbia until it merges with highway 601. Follow 601 South over the River, then take a left at the first paved road which will be SC 267. There is a blue store named Lucy's at the corner. Follow 267 for 10.7 miles. You will see a sign for Stumphole Landing pointing to the left. Turn left here and look for another Stumphole landing sign several miles down the road. Turn left at that sign and follow the road to the landing. 

GPS Data from March 23, 2002 trip:

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Mike Boone Stumphole Swamp, South Carolina, March 23, 2002