I am a native Eastern Kentuckian, and served in the military as an enlisted peon, and as an Armor/Cavalry and Military Intelligence officer. Having spent most of my time in Germany, I have commanded a Combat Support Company, a Tank Company, Headquarters Detachment, and Team Bandit of the 1-16th Infantry Rangers; and was the Director of Special Plans and Operations for MCA Heilbronn (Germany) for 18 months.  I have worked as a fireman, paramedic, mechanic, commercial diver, sales rep, giant tire specialist for Michelin, computer programmer, and now I work in the Network Administration Group at the South Carolina Department of Revenue. I do contract diving and Underwater Crime Scene Investigation for thrills on the side.

Building on my military experience, I am a certified NRA certified range safety officer and firearms instructor in four different competencies (Pistol, Metallic and shotgun reloading, Personal Protection in the Home), and I also have become a South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division concealable weapons instructor. I also can teach Kalashnikov Rifle fighting techniques

The diving portion of the site details my other passion, diving. Having been diving since 1963, I am currently a Master Instructor for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Drop into that web area and take a look around. The diving in South Carolina is astounding, and I would love to get you into the adventure, or help you improve your diving skills in general. The underwater archaeology of the state is truly incredible, and the black water has the property of preserving much of what was sunk, thrown, or hidden in it during the recent unpleasantness (the 2d American Revolution or the War of Northern Aggression-the Civil War to those of you from "up there").  By the way, if you like to quote the old saying "Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?" you might want to read the rest of the poem and see what the answer to that question is. I have it hidden on the site somewhere!  Searching for it will give you something to do while you're dreaming of paddling.

So stop by the rest of the site. It is infinitely more interesting than this page!