Lumber River

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An overnight trip taken on 5/26/2001 and 5/27/2001 from Fair Bluff NC through Nichols SC, to a take out just upstream from the junction of the Lumber and the Little Peedee Rivers in South Carolina. The put in is at the side of the River Bend Outfitters shop in Fair Bluff, which is just past the bridge over the Lumber, on the left side of the road. Vehicles can be left in the parking area off the main street in front of the Outfitters, and shuttle services can be arranged at the outfitters. Canoe and Kayak rental as well as limited equipment and supplies are available at the outfitters, so plan on bringing what you will need. Take out was on the Little Peedee, just upstream from the Little Peedee-Lumber confluence in Marion County along SC 319 (On the West side of  the US 76 bridge over the Little Peedee) , but there are other landings just downstream from the confluence. 

There many great camping areas along the river. Ours is shown on the button below. Click it to get a PDF version of the GPS route and map we made as we paddled this trip. This trip is very well described in the book Paddling South Carolina

Click Picture for MapCampsite.jpg (166014 bytes) 



GPS Information  :

Put in to Campground: 13.15 Miles, 7 hours

    Campground to Take out 7.33 Miles, 6.08 hours ( low water made it slow going)

    (UTM) :  Put in 17 S 680578 3798867 

    Campsite: 17 S 671735 3790534 

    Take out: 17 S 668775 3785727

Next take out downstream - McMullin Landing:17 S 668616 3784416

Outfitters in the area as of March 2002

River Bend Outfitters
1206 Main Street, PO Box 462
Fair Bluff, NC 28439
Phone: 910-649-5998