Edisto River

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Backpacker Magazine Edisto Article an Article about a two day trip from Whetstone Crossing to Ghivans Ferry State park

Canoe Camping Top 40 River in the US - Description of the Edisto 

Section Descriptions

    SC 3 to SC 321

SC 3 to SC 321 Last run May 25, 2002.  

On the north side of the river, turn East on Pig Pen Road and shortly you will find the appropriately named put in. Parking is very tight, so park on the road. The river is about 150 feet from the Pig Pen Road.  Driving to the take out on SC 321 is confusing. There is a road named Tyler's Landing Road next to the Edisto River bridge, but there is no landing here. The next landing is 1.7 miles downstream. To drive to it from the bridge, continue South on 321 across the Bridge to the Next major left turn. There is a brown sign indicating EDISTO RIVER BOAT ACCESS and an arrow pointing left. Turn here. The next turn is NOT marked by a sign like the first one, but the road is named Claude's Landing. Turn left here and go to the river. Parking is Spartan, but fine. The landing is not the best maintained, but is certainly serviceable.

We saw an Otter playing across the river from the put in.  This section is very twisty, and has quite a few pullovers and brush. The section was fairly uniform in difficulty throughout the entire section, and was very tiring and difficult to run at the water level which we had. Higher water would have eliminated some of the pullovers, but the logs which we were able to limbo under would not have been navigable, so other pullover/portages would have been necessary, and the total number would remain approximately the same.  There was enough Poison Ivy for everyone, so don't feel like you would not be able to get your share. Beware and cover up. 

The section was supposed to be a 14 mile paddle, according to the Paddling South Carolina book, but the GPS and our muscles said 17.02 miles. Our experience has been that the the Paddling South Carolina book ( second edition ) is consistently short when measuring river sections, so forewarned is forearmed. Plan accordingly.  An extraordinary number of Prothonetary Warblers were seen during this trip, as were two Hawks and four Alligators including one 8 foot, and one 2.5 - 3 feet. The baby was just sitting on a log watching us watch her, and only reluctantly jumped into the water, or so it seemed. Deer were abundant, and several close-by owls were heard to raise a racket when we paddled by.

During this trip, the river was at a low level, well below the historical average. The stage (gauged river level) was 6.56 feet at 12:00, with a discharge of 259.00. The average minimum discharge for May from 1991 to present is 613, which puts the level for this run pretty low indeed. You can check the river level before you run it here: SOUTH FORK EDISTO RIVER NEAR BAMBERG

GPS Data: 

    Put in at Pig Pen Landing (SC3):17 S 474379 3702609

    Take out at Claude's Landing: 17 S 489403 3693596

Trip time (boat in motion time) 5 hours, 54 minutes. Stopped time (including pullover time and a 30 minute lunch) 2 hours 48 minutes.