PC Security: A Work In Progress

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Email Security: I am working on a section dedicated to PC Security, based on my job as Network Admin at the Department of Revenue. Until I get it all together, I highly recommend MailWasher Pro to mark, view, and delete spam before it reaches your PC! It will make your life a lot easier if you are getting as much unwanted email as I am! Stop it before it reaches your PC.

And for a Firewall, I recommend Zonealarm. The basic version is a free download, but for real security, upgrade to the full Pro version. The interesting thing is watching how often AOL attempts to read your machine contents!

Spyware/adware/malware is best prevented using Counterspy from Sunbelt Software

Click to the left to go to their web site detailing the product. There is a small charge for this package, but it is definitely worth it!